Issue 55 of Modern Insurance Magazine is Now Available


In this issue of Modern Insurance Magazine, we dissect and explore this particular bond, talking with leading insurers, brokers and MGA experts about what a successful partnership looks like.

To begin, Modern Insurance Magazine has collaborated with Insuramore to bring the global success of MGAs to the fore (p.9) before moving on to interview Mike Keating of the MGAA (p.14) and David Williams from Qlaims (p.18).

As always, we also have several contributions from our in-house editorial board of industry specialists, providing their unique insight into current hot topics within the sector. Modern Insurance is also delighted to provide readers with a follow-up to ACSO’s previous series of roundtable discussions, this time with a focus on Civil Justice – particularly Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Legal Expenses Insurance (LEI) (p.41).

On p.61, you can also find a forum piece around the topic of MGAs, with input from some of the key experts within this sector including Mike Keating (MGAA), Paul Howard (AXA XL), Paul Templar (VIPR), Tim Hardcastle (INSTANDA), and Chris Butcher (Davies Group).

This issue also returns with the fourth edition of INSUR.TECH.TALK in partnership with Insurtech Insights, honing in on trailblazers from the Insurtech sector to share their astute observations in a series of interviews and editorial board musings.

To read the full issue, and to check out previous issues of the mag, follow the link here or click on the image below.


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