Future-proofing household insurance claims service

Against a constantly changing claims landscape, insurers must offer services that meet their customers' needs and expectations. As a result, and following an extensive review, Allianz is proposing to combine its commercial and household claims units to create one property claims team in Milton Keynes.

Our review showed there were clear strengths and opportunities in doing this, enabling our customers to benefit from a claims service that suits their requirements, whatever the future brings.

The pace of change in the claims arena certainly requires insurers to look to the future. Technology such as online claims services and claim tracking has already delivered benefits to customers and the next wave of digital solutions will take this further still.

For instance, in tomorrow's more connected world, your car could liaise with your digital personal assistant, your insurer's claims department and the local garage to arrange repairs following a crash.

Similarly, if you're living in a connected home, you, and your claims team, will know the second there's a leak or something's overheating. Forewarned, steps could then be taken to avoid further damage and cost.

Alongside the arrival of smarter technology, customers' expectations are also evolving. They appreciate the slick customer service delivered by the likes of Amazon and Apple, and they now expect it from more traditional companies.

As well as the delays to the proposed whiplash reforms, the review to the discount rate continues to rumble on and, with the political landscape also unsteady, who knows what Brexit may bring. Add to this a hung Parliament and you have all the ingredients for an uncertain future!

Given all these factors, insurers must continually evolve to ensure they deliver the service and propositions that are right for their customers. Co-locating our commercial and household claims teams in Milton Keynes is a good example of this.

Strong synergies between the customer journey, systems and supply chain for SME and individual property claims means it makes sense to bring the two teams together. Having them in the same location enables us to fully align our processes and procedures and deliver a single, robust customer journey.

Milton Keynes is also home to our casualty claims team. As our customers often purchase property and casualty insurance together, it's logical to have the claims operations in the same place. Where a customer’s requirements overlap, within the two areas, it can be dealt with efficiently and in a seamless manner.

Developing claims services that exceed customer expectations is essential in today's increasingly competitive and constantly changing market. The proposal to bring our property claims teams together will ensure we maintain our reputation for excellent claims service well into the future.

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Allianz insurance head of claims Graham Gibson explains Allianz's proposed review to combine its commercial and household insurance claims units to create one property claims team based in Milton Keynes.