Modern Insurance Magazine Issue 54 Now Available

The latest issue of Modern Insurance Magazine is now available to view, to check it out click on the image below.

Welcome to yet another issue of Modern Insurance Magazine. To say that the past couple of years have been challenging to our industry would be a great understatement. However, the community spirit that was built throughout insurance helped everyone through those hard times. Unfortunately, as we had begun to find our feet again, we are once more facing tragedy and crises, in our nation and across Europe. As prices soar, people start rationing, prioritising one thing over another in order to put food on the table for their family. One of the expenses discarded first is often insurance, with people seeing it as a “grudge purchase” and doubting they’ll ever use it.

However, in reality, insurance serves as a financial safety net, one which is now more crucial to have than ever before. As an industry, we must tackle this issue, we must better explain to people the role and benefits of their insurance, and most importantly, we must do our best to support those in need. We need to go back to that community spirit formed over the pandemic, augment it and be certain that no one has to ever choose between financial safety and putting food on the table.

To begin, Hannah Gurga shares her insight on the next steps needed for the sector to provide maximum protection to those vulnerable (p.9). Following the success of the 2022 BIBA Conference, we speak to Steve White (p.14). Next up, Lauren Glover explains the difficulties of those digitally excluded in such a digitally controlled world (p.16).

As always, we have our resident editorial board of experts tackling the industry’s problems and focusing on what we need to be discussing right now (p.19). Our specialist forums – on Fraud and The Repairer Sector – showcase the experiences and insights from the industry’s leading experts and facilitate some great conversations (p.20; p.25).

On p.47, you can find a fascinating series of roundtable discussions on looking beyond technology in customer-driven claims solutions. Modern Insurance Magazine held these discussions in collaboration with Eddie Longworth.

This issue also includes the third edition of INSUR.TECH.TALK in partnership with Insurtech Insights, bringing together pioneers within the Insurtech sector to share their expertise in both specialist interviews and a specialist editorial board forum (p.67).

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