How to stay connected with clients and colleagues in the Covid-19 lockdown

Jasmine Handleigh, Media Executive at youTalk-insurance, shares details of three useful technology platforms aimed at helping members of the broking community stay connected 

In these challenging times, it’s perhaps now more important than ever for insurance brokers to stay in touch with their customers, colleagues and insurer partners.

In light of the UK Government's advice to practice social distancing for the next three weeks, here are 3 FREE and easy to use different websites and applications to help you stay connected with your customers, colleagues, friends and family.


Skype is a free service that allows you to have audio or video meetings with groups of up to 50 people. To use this service the person you are contacting also needs to have a Skype account. 

How to set up Skype in 3 easy steps:

Download the Skype App onto your desktop computer or mobile

Create a Skype account using either your email address or phone number

Add contacts by searching a person's name or email address (only once a person has accepted your request on Skype will you be able to contact them)

To download Skype on to your desktop, click this link  

To download the Skype mobile phone App, click here if you have an Apple iOS phone

If you have an Android phone click this link


Zoom is another free service that allows you to have audio and video meetings.

Unlike Skype, the person you are contacting does not need to have a Zoom account, which might make it easier to use.

With the free Zoom account, you can enjoy unlimited one on one meetings and can have meetings of up to 100 people at once. However, the free account is limited as meetings with over 3 people are limited to only 40 minutes duration.

If you have a bigger team and require longer meetings, the Zoom upgrade is £11.99 a month.

How to set up Zoom

Create a Zoom account with your email address

Download the Zoom app

Press the start meeting button and then the invite contacts button to create an email chain with instructions and a link for people to join your meeting

To sign up for Zoom click this link

To download the Zoom mobile App, click here if you have an Apple iOS phone 

If you have an Android phone click this link


House party is another a free service available on desktop and mobile that allows you to video chat with up to 8 people at once.

It’s less business focused and perhaps considered to be more social and could be good for virtual team get togethers. 

Those you wish to have meetings with will need to set up a Houseparty account.

How to set up Houseparty

Create a Houseparty account using your email address and phone number

Verify your phone number

Link your account to your contact list as well as Facebook so you can invite your contacts

Invite your colleagues also by searching for their username or email address

To sign up for Houseparty on your desktop click this link

To download the Houseparty mobile phone app click here

If you have an Android phone click this link

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In a blog for youTalk-insurance Jasmine Handleigh provides details about how insurance brokers might use Skype, Zoom and Houseparty to stay in touch with customers, colleagues and suppliers.