Get more customer engagement – Make your insurance marketing SNACKABLE

With the growing realisation amongst more enlightened insurance marketers that good old advertising has its limitations, many are looking to produce ‘Thought Leadership’ articles around hot topics that seek to educate and inform both existing and potential customers. 

This is surely a good thing as it helps companies that engage in this activity to flex around their intellectual prowess on a given subject and sees them respond to the age old marketing question ‘what do you want to be known for’.

At the same time target consumers have never been faced with such a bewildering amount of content to read and digest.  Unless they are working in the luxury goods department, most business people in the year 2015 tend to be very time poor and probably would admit to having a pile of ‘must read items’ either saved on their computer or sitting on the corner of their desk.

Insurance marketers should consider…

Big reports, guides, white papers (you get the gist) are great but their production I suppose counts for naught if they are not read.  Now I am not suggesting that this thought leadership marketing collateral should not be produced, after all it is a great way of sharing useful and important information.  What I do advocate is giving some thought to making the content ‘SNACKABLE’.  

A great recent example of Snackable content was produced by AIG who have recently published a comprehensive report 'Cyber: Joined up?'.  To accompany this report they also produced a punchy press release that set out all the need to know facts with an invitation to the reader to download the full report – See this link here Greater board engagement vital in relation to cyber risks says AIG 

What is Snackable content?

Snackable content items are short-form, easy to read articles that get to point quickly and deliver key messages and need to know facts, without the waffle.  Think of a well written executive summary.

Producing Snackable content does not mean that you should abandon the production of longer pieces, reports etc. I am merely suggesting that you should produce a shorter version and give your customers the choice.  Where you do this I would expect that you would include a link to your full report should a customer want to read more.

Snackable content production is all about giving your customers choice and giving your business another opportunity to secure brand engagement.

The concept of Snackable marketing content lends itself incredibly well to the very immediate and fast moving browsing nature of Social Media where grabbing attention and securing engagement in a massive sea of noise is essential. 

In short, punchy, relevant and easy to understand marketing content is easier to share and the more your content is shared the more you will have shaped a positive perception of your brand, you never know it might even lead to more enquiries.

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